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The Fu Jen Catholic Historical Institute (FJCHI) was established in June 1999 by the amalgamation of the Institutum Documentorum Historiae Ecclesiae in Sinis [ Institute of Documents of Church History in China ] (IDHES) and the Institutum Historiae Ecclesiae [ Institute of Church History ] (IHE). The IDHES was founded in 1983 to collect material relating to the history of the Chinese Catholic Church since 1949. The IHE was founded in January 1992 as an official institute recognized by the Department of Education of the Republic of China and the Holy See and imbued with the spirit of Fujen Catholic University . Fr Mark Chang S.J. became the first director, at the same time taking on the post of director of the IDHES.



Since its founding in 1999 and to complement other holdings at home and abroad, the Institute has established its priority as building up its archives from the nineteenth century to the present.

Library holdings are composed of three collections:

  1. Works collected by the first Director, Fr Mark Chang, S.J.
  2. Bequest of Fr. John J. Wang.
  3. Works acquired with funding from the Department of Education of the R.O.C.

As of January 2000, total holdings number 1,500 volumes

In addition, by June 2000, the Institute has a unique holding on Chinese soil of the following periodicals:

Les Annales de la Propagation de la Foi 1840-1900
Les Annales de l'Oeuvre de la Sainte-Enfance 1846-1900
Les Missions catholiques 1868-1900

Current Activitie
  1. Integration of the holdings of the IDHES and IHE. By June 2000 the Church History Archive will be complete and open to all scholars for consultation.
  2. Establishment of an archive of clippings photocopied from newspapers and journals dealing with the history of the Catholic Church in China 1949-1999. This archive will be ready by October 2000.
  3. In response to rapid changes in the situation of the Church in China in recent years, a volume entitled The Main Events in Chinese Catholic History 1986-1999 , is being prepared for publication in October 2000.

Future Directions

  • To build up a library centred on post-1800 Chinese Catholic History.
  • To foster academic discussion groups devoted to Church history, hold round-table discussions, write articles, edit and publish relevant material.
  • To cooperate with similar research centres and interested scholars and to hold academic conference.
  • To look for funding both inside and outside the University for research projects in Chinese Catholic history, including the history of the Church in Taiwan .

For further information, please contact:

Fu Jen Catholic Historical Institute, Fu Jen Catholic University, 24205 Hsingchung, Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel.: 886-2-2905-2365 (director), 886-2-2905-2366 (secretary); Fax.: 886-2-2905-2366